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Le grand saut - André Riotte - water color


Interpreted with maestria by the Pasquier trio, Le trio by A. Riotte - intelligent, energetic, well thought out and splendidly resonant - (…) enjoyed considerable success. (Pierre Wissmer, le Strapontin, 30/10/57)

Well written, Le trio by André Riotte sounded marvellous. (Suzanne Demarquez, Le guide du concert et du disque, 29/5/59)

A quartet bursting with vitality and ideas, ingeniously devised, an endearing testimony to an extremely rich personality. (L'information, 16/11/63)

Riotte is a dependable musician… As a Frenchman, Riotte is the grandson of Debussy and the son of Messiaen. Praise indeed. (Corriere d'informazione, 21/5/64)

The works of Riotte create the impression of ordered, rigorous discourse, in which no one system ever appears to dominate. (Guido Salvetti, La Prealpina, 13/6/64)

André Riotte is one of those musicians and research scientists who, alongside their official functions, find the time and the energy to keep informed, study and compose music.
… I have often been appreciative of his profound and just ideas about pedagogy and the tracks that are opening up in music… (Iannis Xenakis, 3/8/75)

…Météorite et ses métamorphoses presents a whole "world of harmony".…. The score reveals itself as a "sum" of all the possible proliferations of a material in a given context.
This piece … should go down as memorable in the contemporary repertoire. It reaches a musical clarity that goes beyond theories and stylistic trends because it is primarily based on acoustics, as the raw material is "metamorphosed" in contact with the instrumentation. (Vincent Decleire Note d'écoute, Musurgia No. 3, 2005)

Like Italo Calvino in Why read the classics? or Jorge Luis Borges in his lectures, André Riotte professes a taste for rigorous thought presiding the work. (Alain Poirier, director, CNSMDP, Preface to Formalismes et modèles musicaux, 2006)

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